Biology final exam essay questions

Describe the structure of DNA. After mRNA leaves the nucleus it travels to ribosomes, a cell part where proteins are made. This process continues until the whole polypeptide is made. In mRNA this is called a codon.

Fully explain the try operon in bacteria. An operon has several regions to it: The base can be Adenine, Thimine, Citozine or Guanine. What is the Human Genome Project? DNA fingerprinting has a host of different uses including paternity testing, crime scene forensics and the identification of a decayed or destroyed body.

It is done just like a simple blood test. Again it consists of a promoter, operator and functional genes: What were its goals?

Explain two ways that genes can be controlled in eukaryotes. This process is fast and this is called the leading strand. A sequence of three bases code for one aminoacid.

This happens during the S phase of cell cycle. The P site holds the growing polypeptide chain, the A site holds the next aminoacid that comes, and the E site is the exit site where the polypeptide chain detaches. The way prokaryotes organize and regulate genes is by use of what is known as an operon.

The way that two strands are bonded with each other is that A pairs with T and C with G. How does a DNA molecule code for a protein.

Nucleotides are made of: Scientists can combine different sequences of DNA that code for the desired protein insulin. How does DNA replication ensure accuracy.

The Human Genome Project started as an international scientific project to identify all human genes and their location in the chromosomes.

Biology Final Exam Practice

Be specific in your answer. The blood that is expelled from the wound is collected and sent to a DNA laboratory. Then there are the sections of the DNA with the genes. Ribosomes have several sites.

If a DNA molecule has the message: Its goal was to know the sequence of genes and to use this information to find cures for genetic diseases. This way the process stops and the newly made polypeptide chain leaves the ribosome.

This gene is always ON, the repressor is not active when formed, so will not bond onto the operator. Human insulin can be made through DNA recombination. DNA fingerprinting can be done either through blood samples from a vein, or the use of a heel prick.

A new tRNA with its amino acid comes in to the ribosome and bonds to the A site. What would happen if the DNA message changed to I will insert a different sequence with a base change?

This is then put in bacteria, in host cells, which offer growing conditions for the protein. These 5 genes make enz which synthesize tryptophan, a necessary amino acid.Essay Questions for Final Exam in Biology (Web biology) 1. Explain the theory of evolution as Darwin proposed it. Use the fact that many bacterial strains are now resistant to antibiotics as an example to support Darwin’s theory.

Essay on Biology Exam Corrections. Bio - Exam 2 Corrections Part A I answered that during the light reaction, ATP is formed. I forgot that H20 is also split, so the correct answer was that both occur during the light reaction.

Essay on Biology Review Notes. Bio94 (TA Alejandra Rodriguez) Study guide for the final exam on Wednesday March 20, Hi! This is only a skeleton study guide that you may use to help organize the key concepts presented in lectures.

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How does a DNA molecule code for a protein. Describe the process completely. The process of creating a protein from the information given from DNA consists of two parts: transcription and translation. final exam these questions will make up the cumulative section of the exam.

For the final exam, you will need to remember your answers and write them on the test.

Biology final exam essay questions
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