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Draper explains to us that the Iranian Revolution of brought the fall of the tyrant Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and gave rise to Ayatollah Khomeini. He assumed that the Iranians had promised to secure the release of the American hostages before the delivery of arms while on the contrary, they had only promised to seek the release of the hostages after the arms had arrived.

Reagan and his administration clamed they knew nothing, and were found blameless. Under total misapprehension, McFarlane set on a dangerous trip to Tehran. Exposure In Firewall, Walsh explains to us the exposure of Iran-Contra that came in the fall of The Reagan administration decided to cover-up Iran-Contra.

They only brought unnecessary blood shed. The propriety and legality of the actions taken by the staff of the National Security Council and other government officers with regard to the sale of the arms and the secret assistance to the Contras raised deep concerns among the members of the Public and Congress.

Behind the scenes, it went ahead with its initial plans with no regard for the congress and the public. The American people, the Congress and the Secretary of State were not enlightened on the actions of these people.

They conceived knowledge of their actions by other individuals in the government as a threat to their objectives. An Ending to Iran-Contra Investigations were launched focusing on the diversion of funds.

Oliver North — had the responsibilities of both the Iran dealings and the ongoing shipment to the Contras. The integrity of our leaders has been there, but their actions do not follow. In a final act before leaving office, Bush pardoned Weinburger and four other former Reagan administration officials.

Even then, the citizens must be made known the implications and goals of certain actions that are being taken by the state. During the s, Iran and Nicaragua had posed serious challenges to the United States foreign policy.

However, the United States neither attained a new relationship with Iran nor reduced the number of American hostages in Lebanon. The Congress later cut off all funds to the Contras following a disclosure that the CIA was involved in mining of the Nicaragua harbor without notifying Congress.

Khomeini led the Shiite clerics, whose goal was to establish an Islamic state. However, the Reagan administration locked policy makers out of the affair which may have led to its failure.

Those who did not support Contras feared that the involvement of the United States with the Contras might lead it to a similar situation experienced in Vietnam.The Iran-contra affair involved an attempt by the National Security Council (NSC) of the Ronald Reagan administration to circumvent congressional limitations on aid to the contras (Nicaraguan guerrillas) and to secure the release of U.S.

hostages held in the Middle East through the sale of arms to Iran.

Essay: Iran-Contra Affair

Iran-Contra Scandal Essay Words 10 Pages The Iran-contra scandal of the ’s, first brought to light in Novemberis a complicated mess of scandal, arms dealings, hostage deals, and illegal acts (“Iran-Contra Affair”

Iran-Contra Scandal Essay Words | 10 Pages. The Iran-contra scandal of the ’s, first brought to light in Novemberis a complicated mess of scandal, arms dealings, hostage deals, and illegal acts (“Iran-Contra Affair”

The Iran-Contra affair was a controversial political scandal that dealt with senior US figures who had been facilitating the sale of arms to Iran. The Iran-Contra Affair essay - Politics. Buy best quality custom written The Iran-Contra Affair essay.

Iran-Contra affair Essay

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Essay on iran contra affair
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