Legalisation of drugs essay

In other words, we can think more clearly and more efficiently. There are approximatelymore persons imprisoned in the United States for nonviolent drug offenses than in the European Union for all offenses combined, despite the fact that the European Union has million more citizens. Forces on opposing sides of the prohibition-legalization debate view medical marijuana laws as a route to its decriminalization or legalization.

Besides the fact that so many people have used illegal drugs, prohibition is proven not to work. Prohibitionists also claim that marijuana is highly addictive and point to the fact that there are more young people in treatment for marijuana than any other illicit drug.

These prohibitionist policies are continuously criticized, both in regard to efficacy and ethics, as American citizens are divided on the appropriate laws and regulations for cannabis.

Escaping Criminalization and Embracing Medicalization. Of all the prisoners, it is estimated that half of them are addicted or abuse drugs but few receive the required treatment while incarcerated National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Short term memory is required to perform one and two step tasks. These gangs are spread throughout over 2, cities.

Chapkis, Wendy and Richard J. The United States has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world; in They contend that while marijuana is not completely safe and can be abused, it is less addictive and harmful than alcohol and tobacco.

Overcrowding in prisons can create psychological problems in inmates, violations in housing requirements and sometimes even heightened rates of violence Portland State University. While prohibitionists continually tout the health risks of marijuana and claim that marijuana prohibition protects citizens and children, those who support regulation and control disagree.

A huge drug war has broken out in the United States in response to all drugs being illegal. The ethical debate surrounding the legalization versus prohibition of cannabis will continue for years.

People seeking treatment also doubled, showing a positive change in Portugal related to drugs. The legalization of drugs is the wisest and best decision to made for the future of the United States. Those who support the decriminalization i.

Despite the widespread use of marijuana, the substance is classified as illegal and prohibited by the federal government and the majority of U.

The cycle of imprisoning people for drug offenses is endless, especially when no treatment is used.

Legalization of Soft Drugs Essay

Legalizing all drugs and then offering free treatment could help solve numerous problems of the drug war. With how many people admit to using drugs at least once, it is impossible to have every single person quit using drugs.

Legalizers stress the primary harm to society is the prohibition itself. It has created overcrowding in prisons and a violent drug war. They point to the mounting scientific evidence that, contrary to earlier rhetoric, marijuana does not cause cancer, brain damage, psychological disorders, or reproductive deficiencies.

Those who support criminalization also claim environmental hazards and assert that outdoor marijuana cultivation results in the destruction of natural habitats from diesel spills, pesticide runoff, and chemical pollution. In e, both Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational purposes.

Instead drugs can be sold locally and be taxed similarly to alcohol and tobacco products.

Drug Legalization Essay

There is increasing evidence that use of marijuana precedes and causes higher rates of psychotic illness. Alternatively, all drugs could be legalized to stop the drug war within the United States.Drug Legalization Drug abuse has progressively, over the last thirty years, become a tool for crime organizations and bureaucracies, independent and under the control of the federal government, used to transform drug addiction into a profit through the passage of countless laws against drug abuse.

Legalization of Drugs. The debate over the legalization of drugs continues to disturb society as time progresses. All of us have in some way or another, directly or indirectly, been affected by drugs, whether it be from a family member or the economic burden on society.

Legalization of All Drugs (Persuasive Essay)

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Drug Legalization Essay Marijuana is the most frequently used illicit drug in the United States. According to the National Household Study on Drug Abuse and Health, million Americans are current (i.e., past month) users.  Jennifer Hall Legalization of Marijuana (Short Essay) POL American National Government Instructor: Saundra McDavid January 11, The legalization of medical marijuana is a current policy issue that has caused much tension between the different levels of.

This essay is to examine both the pros and cons of legalizing “soft drugs”. Hard and Soft drugs are terms to distinguish between psychoactive drugs that are addictive and perceived as especially damaging and drugs that are believed to be non-addictive (or minimally .

Legalisation of drugs essay
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