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Future plansTank expresses hope that schools across the city take up an initiative like this to educate their students about the lasting damage created by plastic pollution.

Mumbai's school kids get educated about plastic pollution

Talking to NDTV about the initiative, Chinu Kwatra said, This is the first time we were doing a clean-up at Worli fort, the motive is to transform it into a clean tourist spot.

The Indian housing and real estate sectors and the allied industries hailed the establishment of NAREDCO, as the apex national body for the real estate industry and visualized it as a single platform where Government, industry and public would discuss various problems and opportunities face to face which would result in speedy resolution of issues.

In a first-of-it-kind initiative, a team of beach warriors led by a year-old Chinu Kwatra helped clear over tonnes of garbage from the Worli Fort in a record time of 24 hours.

One of the NGO which supported us in the clean-up also provided us with refreshments and clean-up certificates. We deserve it, our future generations deserve it. NAREDCO works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the growth of real estate industry in India, partnering industry and government alike through advisory and consultative processes.

From school children to colleges, NGOs, locals of Worli Fort, we roped in all for this mass clean-up. The highway will pass through eco-sensitive Tansa sanctuary. September 2 saw a workshop conducted by the Beach o Beach Clean Up Project team at Besant Montessori School, Juhu, where school children were shown the effects of plastic pollution.

This was shown to the kids as part of a slide animated presentation. Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet train — has sought 55 hectares of forest land in Thane. A land parcel of over — all of it forest land — has been carved out of the Palghar district Project on clean mumbai green mumbai this project.

Our small contributions like these will give us a clean and green Mumbai. The sanctioning is done by the Union government. The biggest chunk of has been set aside for a dam to feed the ever growing Vasai-Virar township.

The Bullet train is the fourth project for which verdant forest land in Thane and Palghar districts is being sacrificed. The forest department has already de-reserved Indian Green Building Council The Indian tradition of architecture was based on spiritual and scientific design system, recognizing the five elements of nature — agni firejal watervayu airprithvi earth and akash skywhich when adhered to, enhances the flow of prana — the universal life-force energy within a building.

Over the weekend, when Mumbai was battling heavy rains and hide tides, many were tucked away in the safety and comfort of their homes, but more than volunteers were out to do their bit for the environment. Sources in the forest department said that though the train lines will be laid on a viaduct, it will still lead to cutting of thousands of trees and the construction work will disturb the wildlife.

Over the years, the campaign has widened its scope to cover issues like air pollutionwaste managementplastic banmanual scavenging and menstrual hygiene. Participation in the programme will be open to local banks and companies, who will be invited to contribute to the funding pool and to expand the list of green products used in retrofits.

Today, when client is the king and business environment dynamic, the organization needs to have a well defined, robust and results oriented management system to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in the market place.

He, however, refused to say how many trees would have to be felled to lay the railway line through the forest. We designed various Commercial and Residential Building projects in Mumbai. It was formed with the mandate to induce transparency and ethics in real estate business and transform the unorganized Indian real estate sector into a matured and globally competitive business sector.

We have developed various Green Building Projects in Mumbai. Sep 9, The team wishes to approach M. Respect and care of our natural environment is a sacred contract and we are currently witnessing the catastrophic results of ignoring this over the years.

Being the first time, we wanted to make the event a grand affair, so that people know we are doing our bit to keep Mumbai clean and they support us in our initiative. These benefits range from better resource planning to effective monitoring, and control of the project — from improved employee efficiency to reduced customer complaints, and from increased productivity to enhanced market image.

Register with smefirst and accelerate your business growth. Thanks to the global Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Programme launched by the Clinton Climate Initiative, Mumbai would be one of the 16 cities to set the tone for effective climate control.

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The mantra for all Mumbaikars should be — if you see trash, pick it up and clean the area. It helps creating a lively, balanced wholeness which is based on subtle mechanics of creation, the laws of nature. Invariably forest land is sacrificed for infrastructure projects. The land sought to lay the railway line is in Mandvi section of the Thane forest division, a known habitat of panthers, and the wild cats are already under threat from growing human encroachment into the neighbouring Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

The target cities have agreed to develop a programme to make their municipal buildings more energy efficient and provide incentives for private building owners to retrofit their buildings with energy saving technologies.

It is in this year that the Government of India redrafted the National Housing and Habitat Policy, giving due importance to the Housing and Real Estate sector, thereby declaring housing for all citizens by the year In a record time of hours, more than volunteers join Beach Warrior Chinu Kwatra with a motive to transform Worli Fort into a cleaner tourist spot New Delhi: The workshop model is such that it can be implemented by anyone, informs Tank.Oct 19,  · Clean mumbai green mumbai mumbai meri jaan.

Swachh Mumbai: 1500 Volunteers Take Part In A 24-Hour Clean-up At Worli Fort

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The message of "Clean Mumbai, Green Mumbai" was conveyed, as students actively participated in cleaning the vicinity around the school. Students of grade 9 engaged themselves in planting saplings and cleaning of the BMC garden next to the wine-cloth.comr: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

The Bullet train is the fourth project for which verdant forest land in Thane and Palghar districts is being sacrificed. continuing the relentless onslaught on Mumbai’s green cover. clean mumbai green mumbai essay As we All know we are the victim of global we are the culprit of all we cannot stop it completely but we can reduce it to certain extent.

We should stop excessive cutting of trees & forest.

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