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The war was a supreme test to the American nation, but as the Americans would soon discover, a larger test was still to come with the reconstruction of the South. Many times the whites who befriended the blacks suffered the same fate.

The Bureau experienced great success in education, but it failed at most of its other efforts Miller, 1.

The Radical Reconstruction of the South

The advances were not only in science and technology, but also in bringing together and managing large numbers of men and women for economic goals. This was to insure that the civil rights that the blacks now had were being inforced by military power.

The moderate Republicans sought the same goals as the radicals, but they did not want to use federal enforcement. By the middle of the XIX century, the slavery in the southern U. An owner might call all of his slaves to the "big house" and announce their freedom. Secretary of State Seward purchased the land from the Russians that same year.

The Southerners regarded Reconstruction as more of a grievous than the war itself. At the start of the Civil War, the armed forces of the United States saw many of its soldiers stationed in the west InPresident Abraham Lincoln realized that volunteer state militias would have to do the bulk of fighting for the Union.

The cost of the war totaled about fifteen billion dollars: Free essays on History: His greatest crime had been to stand inflexibly in their path Johnson, 2. It is obvious that the phenomenon of Reconstruction was logical and unavoidable.

I told them that I would not do it if they would give me all the county was worth… No man can make a free speech in my county. Likewise, Presidents over the years, after the Civil War, had also brought their own Reconstruction plans to the nation. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Ku Klux Klan, 1.

North or South: Who Killed Reconstruction Essay

Southern states began to elect governments dedicated to whites-only rule. The most critical period of diplomacy during the Civil War was between and They had to overcome certain obstacles, such as the opposition headed by Jackson who vetoed this important law as soon as he could.

Taxing was another big issue. Southerners would now be more powerful than ever in politics due to the increased population former slaves were now five-fifths of a person. Along with emancipation came re-enslavement, or worse.

Our Nation had never before needed to recover from such a tremendous loss from something like the Civil War.

Reconstruction in the Southern States

Since the capitalism in the Northern States of America quickly developed, the industrial revolution came to a head, covering all major sectors of industrial production. The differences were more based on political parties than geography.

Order Assignment This order has already been completed on Studybay On Studybay you can order your academic assignment from one of our professional writers. Emancipation ran a rough course in the South, partly because some of the southern planters protested that slavery was legal until state legislatures or the Supreme Court took action.

Blacks would be coerced into signing entering into a slave-like contract for one year of work at petty wages. Mostly, Congress employed moderate policies with splashes of radicalism "Republican Party", 7.What were the most important political and social legacies of reconstruction in the southern states?

The Civil War And The Reconstruction Essay Sample

The biggest issue of reconstruction was the question of how the government was going to deal with the north and south, and how it would rebuild its relationship after the north beat the south during the war.

We will write a custom essay sample on Any topic specifically for you For Only $/page order now Johnson’s reconstruction plan was like Lincoln’s in the fact that he wanted to reunite the south as quickly as possible, but unlike Lincoln he was selfish and wanted to have the rich beg him for forgiveness until he granted them a pardon.

Essays and criticism on Southern Literature of the Reconstruction - Critical Essays position of the Southern writer in his essay “Literature in the South,” in which he lamented the. The interactive maps explore the impact of the war and Reconstruction on the South, Lesson 3: The Battle Over Reconstruction: The Aftermath of Reconstruction.

Southern Literature of the Reconstruction Critical Essays

In this lesson, students examine the development of new constitutions in the reconstructed South. They also consider the political and social realities created by a dramatically. The Civil War And The Reconstruction Essay Sample The southern economy, one factor of losing the Civil War, was much less adaptable to the needs of a total war.

Because of the weakness of its industrial base the south depended on the outside world for most of its manufactured goods. Generally speaking, in the U.S. history, the term "reconstruction" involves: first, a historical period following the Civil War between the Southern United States and the Northern, and second, the transformation of the South in the period from to during the restructuring of the government and society in the former Confederacy.

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Reconstruction of the south essay writer
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