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Video Evidence: Many of the Sandy Hook

The children currently stalked by the hoaxers are real children that simply had an opportunity. The belief of many hoaxers, including Wolfgang Halbig, is that the the children who sang at the Superbowl were "crisis actors" who were actually the deceased children. That means that this picture could only be from Christmas ofor less than a year before the shooting.

They guess the names of these children and they target them; it is an every day project for them. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Of course conspiracy theorists will say that the date has been fudged, and that these photos were taken much earlier than November of There are a large number of people who, when confronted with facts, will double-down on their original, incorrect assertion.

And as you look through these photos, please keep in mind that if conspiracy kooks such as Wolfgang Halbig, et al.

An Actual Expert Weighs In On The Sandy Hook Super Bowl Choir Conspiracy Theory

Shill Murray on August 29, at 3: Going after little kids and their school records is horrible! With the exception of the ears, these are all based Sandy hook children super bowl the bones, the infrastructure of the face. Subscribe for daily articles: That is the law and the Town will never disclose them to the likes of this hoaxer or anyone else.

Obviously this is likely just a gimmick to harm families and raise money from their followers; however, you never really know how an agency might rule.

Super Bowl 2013: Sandy Hook schoolchildren sing America The Beautiful with Jennifer Hudson

And age has nothing to do with this comparison at all. Wolfgang will lose before the commission on this request quite simply because he asked for a set of documents and was provided those documents.

You have to assume that actors spent hours or even days staging calls. Pretty damning stuff, I think. It is literally unheard of.

Halbig cannot win as to to the names; the children remain safe from disclosure to hoaxers. With Thanksgiving coming up, what are you thankful for?

Safety of Children at Issue Many hoaxers, in general, are extremely mentally ill and very dangerous people. This is in reference to Hurricane Irenewhich Stone Harbor would have been preparing for back in late August,making Daniel five years-old at the time of this photo.

Shortly thereafter, Joelle wrote back. The trip was for 26 children from the "Sandy Hook Chorus". It is well past time for Newtown to take Sandy hook children super bowl stand and arm themselves with the appropriate knowledge to come together to protect their children from the monsters encircling and prowling their children.

If she pleases Halbig, her job is done. Next up is Olivia Engel. Several hoaxers have been arrested and prosecuted for their stalking, attacks, and harassment related to Sandy Hook. This is a third party situation and Sandy Hook hzs no control over that.

Releasing a little bit of video showing Adam Lanza shooting his way into the school from outside, or Lanza walking down the hallways inside the school with guns drawn, would make a lot of these questions go away. Since that is doubtful, lets hope the town comes together to find a way to stop these hoaxers, before it is too late.

A gag order is put in place by a judge after a noticed contested hearing and is very limited in scope pertaining issues at trial; typically for the duration of a trial and is related to a right to a fair trial.Twenty-six students and faculty from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., will sing America the Beautiful during the Super Bowl XLVII pregame show, according to NFL spokesman Brian.

Twenty-six students from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where a gunman killed 20 children and six staff members on December 14, will sing "America the Beautiful" before the. Aug 27,  · Did Any Of The Children Killed At Sandy Hook Appear At Super Bowl XLVII?

by Shill Murray ⋅ Leave a Comment The claim that no one died at Sandy Hook School on December 14th,and that it was all just a “drill”, presents nearly endless logistical issues, most of which have been hand waved away by deniers.

And while they don’t mention the Super Bowl specifically, the February 14, minutes include a statement praising the Sandy Hook Chorus as well as the Children of Newtown Choir for their work in the aftermath of the shooting.

You have to assume that this includes the Super Bowl. Jun 09,  · Sandy Hook Facts has avoided the Super Bowl issue The "Super Bowl" conspiracy theory itself is ridiculous, has nothing to do with the Sandy Hook shooting, and to debunk the hoaxers requires discussion of living children, many of whom are related to.

May 15,  · At primary issue is Halbig's desperate 18 month attempt to obtain the names of the Sandy Hook Choir; the children who sang at the Super Bowl. Wolfgang attempted an “end around” to get the children’s personal information; randomly choosing a School Board meeting (Jan 23, ) to request the consent agenda and attachments; blindly hoping Author: Sandy Hook- Facts & Research.

Sandy hook children super bowl
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